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Do teeth cracks, chips, decay, or discoloration embarrass you? If so, teeth bonding at Berkshire Dental, located in Clive, Iowa, and led by Bradley Markowski, DDS, could be the answer. Dental bonding is a quick and easy procedure during which the practice repairs and refines your teeth using a tooth-colored composite resin. To learn more, reach out to Berkshire Dental online or schedule an appointment by phone today.

Bonding Q&A

What is bonding?

Bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure during which your Berkshire Dental team applies a tooth-colored composite resin to your teeth.

Bonding can improve your teeth in a few ways that may include repairing:

  • Small cracks, fractures, and chips
  • Damage from decay, including cavities
  • Discoloration 

You may also turn to bonding to lengthen one or more teeth to make your smile more uniform or to fill small gaps in between your teeth.

Teeth bonding is an inexpensive and easy alternative to options like veneers or crowns.

How does bonding work?

The bonding process is relatively straightforward and typically requires no anesthesia, unless your Berkshire Dental team plans to fill a cavity.

During your dental bonding appointment, your Berkshire Dental team first uses a shade guide to select which composite resin shade best matches or enhances your natural teeth color. Then, to adhere to it, they roughen the surface of your teeth.

Immediately before they apply the composite resin, the team applies a liquid bonding agent that helps it better adhere to your teeth. After they’ve applied the resin, they shape the tooth, so it looks attractive and natural, and harden the resin with ultraviolet light.

The entire bonding process takes 30-60 minutes.

Is teeth bonding right for me?

Teeth bonding may be an excellent option for you if your concerns are primarily cosmetic, or if you need only minimal repairs to your teeth. 

It’s important to note that bonding isn’t as strong as veneers or crowns. If you have severe tooth decay or damage, Berkshire Dental can recommend a more appropriate solution for your smile.

How do I care for bonded teeth?

To enjoy the benefits of bonded teeth for as long as possible, brush and floss regularly, and schedule regular teeth cleanings every six months. Because bonding is susceptible to cracks and staining, avoid doing things like:

  • Eating ice
  • Biting down on hard candy
  • Chewing on pencils, your fingernails, and other hard objects

If you regularly drink coffee or use tobacco products, your bonded teeth will likely discolor. Try not to use tobacco, coffee, or tea for the first two days after your procedure to avoid deeper staining.

If you want to improve the appearance or health of your smile with a quick and easy fix, schedule an appointment for bonding at Berkshire Dental today. To contact the practice, call or use the online booking tool.